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From: Richard Skinner
Subject: Favorite Superstore-2 (Gay/Encounters)If you are not of legal age in your area, do not read this story.
I assume no responsibility for your actions. This type of activity
is not condoned by society and is risky.
This story will not lolita loli model paysites cause you do anything.
There is something called free will.Copyright 2008
I had to work a couple of hours late last night. After going home and doing
the usual after work chores, it wasdecided that I would make a trip under the golden arches and retrieve the
evening meal. Of course, this trip causes meto pass by my favorite superstore. OK, I just had to stop even though it
was nearly 6:30 P.M. I entered the store andwas pleased to see the normal greeter was not inside the inner doors. I
fear one of these days she will ask why Ialways seem to enter the restroom off the vestibule.I entered the men's restroom. No one at the any of the sinks, no one at
either of the urinals. Two brown casual shoesplaced well apart in the first stall. Green casual trousers, aged but neat
and clean, on the lolita girls in thongs floor partially coveringthe shoes. Tan casual socks covering the ankles and lower legs. No
underwear in sight.The handicapped stall was available. My lucky night? As I stood in front
of the first stall door and reached for thehandle of the other stall door I looked through the space between the door
and vertical support of the first stall.
Knees wide apart and a hand covering the crotch. Body placed well back on
the toilet seat.My cock was starting to swell as I entered the stall, hurriedly pushed my
jeans to the floor and sat down well back onthe toilet seat.I began stroking my cock as I watched his right foot and belt for signs of
movement or any changes in the shadows.
Nothing.I checked what I could see of his reflection on the stall door. White knees
still well apart but could see no handmovement.I leaned back and began stroking my cock in earnest. It grew to full mast
in a very short time. I stretched my legsforward and rested both feet on the heels with toes pointed up. I made sure
that my jacking movements transferred tomy feet and were easily noticeable.Ah ha, a slight movement of his right foot toward the partition. I pulled
my feet back and raised the toe of my leftshoe, held it up for a moment an then let it back down gently while pivoting
on the heel.No response from him.Fortunately, I had my pocket mirror in my shirt pocket. I had placed it
there when I had stopped earlier on the wayhome. There was no activity at that time. I held it out to my right and
slowly lowered it with a view behind my legs.
This affords me the opportunity to be surreptitious without risking too much
of being detected. I lowered it all the wayto the floor while looking toward the front of the other toilet stool.I saw thighs spread wide and a stationary right hand between them. All well
lighted indicative of a fairly erectposture. I then noticed his white Jockey shorts just high enough to not be
noticed by anyone entering the restroom.The entry door opened. I pulled the mirror up rapidly. I waited and heard
the footsteps go to a urinal and a zipperbeing pulled down. While the new arrival pissed loudly I again lowered the
mirror. No position change of the personin the other stall. I again raised the mirror and slowly stroked my cock.
Finally I could hear the guy at the urinalshaking his cock, zipper being pulled up and urinal flushing. He exited
without washing his hands. I used the mirrorto scan the rest of the room to make sure he did leave. I then focused on
the guy in the other stall. No change ishis position except for the disappearance of the right hand."What is this guy up to?", I thought.I put the mirror in my pocket and leaned forward to watch his feet and lower
legs directly. No movement. I checkedthe reflection. No movement."What the hell is going on", I thought.I retrieved the mirror and put the corner of it above the divider and near
the wall. As I adjusted it I was cautiousto not let light be reflected on the front of the stall causing my activity
to be detected. As I rotated the mirrordownward I saw that he was intently watching my shadow free lolita sex cumshots on the floor. I saw
he had light red hair and was balding onthe back of his head. Since he was watching the floor, I inched the mirror
forward hoping to see his crotch area.Unfortunately he was leaning forward slightly and to the right. This kept
me from seeing what I was looking for.The entry door opened again. I lowered the mirror quickly and quietly sat
down. The sound of footsteps moving toabout halfway into the room and stopping. Then, the sound of feet shuffling
toward the first stall and stopping infront of it. very shortly thereafter I detected a shadow moving toward my
stall door and stopping. I raised my eyesenough to see someone peering into the stall. Damn. I'm was sitting there
with my semi-hard cock visible."Too late now", I thought.Then I heard footsteps moving toward the door and the door open and close.
All was quiet again. I once again loweredmy trusty mirror and scanned the room. Two feet near the entry door facing
toward the door.I thought, "It's nice to know the tricks of restroom encounters".I had used this ploy myself many times when I thought perhaps I had
interrupted some sexual activity. If the activityresumed after they thought I had left I would watch to see what was going on
and then quietly move closer. Many times,when my presence was detected, they would involve me also. Threesomes are
good too. This restroom young lolitas anal raped is not conducive toopen activity. It was probably two or three minutes later that the third
person did in fact leave the room.I bent forward to again observe the guy to my left. Still no indication
that he was doing anything. I stood and againused the mirror to peer into his stall. He was still looking toward the
floor but was sitting more erect. I could nowsee him moving his left hand between his still wide spread thighs.I lowered young lolitas anal raped the mirror and sat down. I shifted to my left with only my right
hip on the left half of the toilet seat andmy left hip against the divider. I made no effort to hide my movement and
was stroking my cock. I was hoping that hewould reach under the stall and take over for me. No such luck. I stayed
in that position for about forty-fiveseconds with no movement from him. I shifted back to a normal position on
the toilet stool and bent forward with myhead way down enabling my to see up to his crotch. He was stroking his
erect cock with his left hand.It was a slender cock, probably five inches long. He was uncut but
apparently did little jacking off in his youngerdays. His foreskin seemed to be adhered to his cock head. Just the tip of
the slim head was exposed and he was notpulling the foreskin back off it. Too bad. It was not one of my favorite
looking cocks but, it was hard and perhapsavailable.I reached my right hand under the divider. He shifted to his right,
assuming a position much like I had just assumed.I moved my had to his cock and began to caress it. He removed his hand and
allowed my full access. I caressed hissmallish balls and cock. When I began to stroke his cock, he whispered,
"Don't pull back hard". Just as I suspected.I continued to caress and manipulate his cock and balls for about another
three minutes.The entry door again opened. My, now, partner quietly returned to the
toilet seat and I pulled back to my side of thestall divider. The newcomer was there for to piss and hand wash and then
exited the room.We resumed our respective previous positions. He now had precum seeping
from his cock. I wiped it over what wasexposed of his cock head and gently jacked him right at the base of the
head. It wasn't long until I felt his shaftbecome very hard. He whispered, "I'm gonna cum". I continued bumping the
base of his cock head and when I felt thespasms begin, I covered the head with the palm of my hand. He didn't shoot
but rather oozed cum into my hand as Icontinued massaging the top end of his shaft with my thumb and first two
finger tips.When he finished ejaculating, he moved back onto the toilet seat. I
retreated back to a normal position and beganapplying his come to the shaft of my cock and stroking it. As he made
preparations to leave his stall, I stood andbegan jacking my cock hard and fast. I was making that familiar, "thwap
thwap thwap" sound so characteristic of a wetuncut cock being jacked furiously. My partner exited his stall and came
over and peered through the crack between thedoor and vertical support of my stall. With knees bent and pelvis thrust
forward, I continued stroking for all I wasworth. I needed this. bbs lolita baby photos Him watching just added more fuel to the flame.He whispered, "Make that big fucker shoot".The "thwap thwap thwap" sound intensified and speed increased."Aw, fuck", he said. "Do it".I shoved the head of my cock right up to the crack near the door and kept on
pounding it. The noise could probably beheard in the vestibule. I didn't care. "thwap thwap thwap thwap thwap
thwap""Jesus Christ", he said.Just then I shot my load between the door and the support. It came out in
four or five good shots. My voyeur steppedaside just in time and continued to watch."Holy fuck that was great", he said. "Thanks".He then turned and left the room. I sat back down to catch my breath and
reflect on what had just transpired as Icontinued to massage my deflating cock.Within thirty seconds of my partner's departure, the entry door opened. The
new person walked across the room andentered the first stall. He sat down and lowered his long sport type shorts
to the floor as sat down. I could see thewaistband near his ankles. No underwear visible. I leaned forward and pure tiny lolita galleries saw
two athletic shoes placed well apart. Isaw the shins of a black man. I noticed a rhythmic movement in the shadow.No mirror needed now.I thought to myself, "I bbs lolita baby photos can't do this again".I reached my right hand under the stall divider, palm up."Is that cum on your hand?" he said."Yep" I said.He shifted to his right and placed a very nice size uncut cock in my hand.I know I'm going to hell....
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